The story of our brand

About Beco life:

The purpose of Beco life is to "provide customers with the best, most comfortable and most fashionable sportswear." We will continue to present our new designs to you. We guarantee that when you see our products, you will be amazing for its charm, and even more for its price.

The birth of the brand:

Our story began in 2017. At that time, I liked to do some yoga exercises in my spare time. Occasionally, I learned from the merchants who used to buy Yoga suits that there would be a lot of water pollution in the process of remanufacturing clothes. At that time I thought, why don’t I set up a yoga clothing brand by myself? I like yoga and the earth we live in. I want to solve the pollution at the root of the pollution, that is, the production process of yoga clothing. If there is one person buys my products, the traditional garment factory will reduce the production of yoga clothes that will reduce environmental pollution. for our living environment, for our earth, for yourself, I hope and need your support.

Our Vision:

When you wear Beco life, you are contributing to the purification of the earth, because we use environmentally friendly fabrics and accessories, which can effectively reduce the production of sewage, but we are still too weak and there is no way to achieve all clothes. Using environmentally friendly fabrics, for our earth and our living environment, for fresh water and air, for the great nature and lovely animals, we need your help.