Relying On Your Financial Advisor Or Estate Planner For Life Settlement Advice
Might Be Costing You Money.

Financial advisors and estate planners play key roles in our lives and we benefit from their expertise in many areas, but life settlements can pose a particular challenge and using their services may mean you are paying unnecessary fees.

The Difference Is Huge

When you sell your life insurance policy with the assistance of your financial advisor, estate attorney, or life insurance agent the purchasing investor and/or broker has to pay you, your financial advisor and of course reserve profit for themselves. By working with Beco you eliminate some extra fees, meaning less hassle and more money for you.

Why Give Away Money?

You are likely pursuing a life settlement because you need funds for a specific life event or change in your personal circumstances. In situations where every dollar counts why would you unnecessarily give away money? Bypassing your financial advisor or life insurance agent and working directly with Beco Life ensures you get the maximum amount for your policy.

$3,000, $50,000 Or More

The fees your financial advisor takes out of the transaction may be small percentage-wise, but in reality, we are talking sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, all for merely passing your information along to a broker. Paying for adding value is one thing, but in the world of life settlements there is a more direct path to the best solution for you.

Nancy K. Saved $18,565

Nancy K. of Worcester, MA had a $500,000 universal life policy she was looking to sell. A broker referred by Nancy's financial advisor offered her just $161, 210 for the policy after expenses. Beco Life was able to get her $179,775 for her policy. That's 10.3% more for the same exact policy. Wouldn't you rather have that money in your pocket?


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The Beco Life Difference

Absolutely No Fees! Investors pay for our services. Our business is 100% funded by fees charged to the investor.

We Pay For All Medical Underwriting And Actuarial Costs Rest easy knowing we will take care of the costs associated with determining the value of your policy.

Access To The Biggest Pool Of Investors Simply put, the more investors competing for your policy the more you can expect to receive.  We work hard to maintain the largest pool of investors around.

Completely Safe And Confidential We truly value the confidence you place in Beco Life and we take seriously the responsibility to protect and secure your data.

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Recent Settlement Examples

Life Settlement Example - Darryl received $283,000 offer

Darryl B. (78)

Boston, MA

Policy Value – $500,000
Offer To Purchase – $283,000

Offer Accepted

Gloria from Buffalo accepted an offer of $65,000

Gloria C. (83)

Buffalo, NY

Policy Value – $3,000,000
Offer To Purchase – $656,000

Offer Accepted

Kevin from Omaha accepted an offer for $15,000+

Kevin W. (67)

Omaha, NE

Policy Value – $100,000
Offer To Purchase – $15,700

Offer Accepted

Rebecca from Miami, FL

Rebecca C. (89)

Miami, FL

Policy Value – $750,000
Offer To Purchase – $379,000

Offer Accepted

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