4 Ways Seniors Sabotage Their Life Insurance Settlements
...and simple ways to solve them.

Like anything in life, securing a life insurance settlement requires a bit of knowledge and proper follow-through. Our goal at Beco Life is to make the entire process as stress-free as possible. We've compiled a list of very common missteps and ways you can ensure the process is as easy as possible.

Don't Drop The Ball

The most common mistake is also the easiest to address...keep your life insurance policy current by paying your premiums. It seems almost too basic, but ensuring your policy doesn't lapse has real implications here. If you have concerns about your ability to keep up with premiums, please let us know, we can discuss options that will keep the settlement opportunity on the table.

Let's Be Real

There are any number of reasons why individuals pursue a life insurance settlement, but one needs to be realistic on what will be gained in this type of transaction. A life insurance settlement almost always turns out to be more favorable than pursuing the cash surrender option of your policy but individuals need to understand that this is not a "get rich quick" strategy.

Don't Be Wishy-Washy

Being prepared to pursue a life insurance settlement is a big step and investors are more likely to want to engage with individuals who have tackled the big questions like "is the right solution for me?" Being ready to act on an offer is important. If you have questions, the team at Beco Life is happy to provide guidance and advice.

Not Being Transparent

Transparency is the buzz-word of our day and it is a reasonable expectation in the life insurance settlement process. Being upfront and honest makes transactions go faster and the trust that is built between investors and individuals can translate into larger settlements.


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The Beco Life Difference

Absolutely No Fees! Investors pay for our services. Our business is 100% funded by fees charged to the investor.

We Pay For All Medical Underwriting And Actuarial Costs Rest easy knowing we will take care of the costs associated with determining the value of your policy.

Access To The Biggest Pool Of Investors Simply put, the more investors competing for your policy the more you can expect to receive.  We work hard to maintain the largest pool of investors around.

Completely Safe And Confidential We truly value the confidence you place in Beco Life and we take seriously the responsibility to protect and secure your data.

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Recent Settlement Examples

Life Settlement Example - Darryl received $283,000 offer

Darryl B. (78)

Boston, MA

Policy Value – $500,000
Offer To Purchase – $283,000

Offer Accepted

Gloria from Buffalo accepted an offer of $65,000

Gloria C. (83)

Buffalo, NY

Policy Value – $3,000,000
Offer To Purchase – $656,000

Offer Accepted

Kevin from Omaha accepted an offer for $15,000+

Kevin W. (67)

Omaha, NE

Policy Value – $100,000
Offer To Purchase – $15,700

Offer Accepted

Rebecca from Miami, FL

Rebecca C. (89)

Miami, FL

Policy Value – $750,000
Offer To Purchase – $379,000

Offer Accepted

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